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Baseball’s Disparity is NOT the Fault of Capitalism.

Baseball’s Disparity is NOT the Fault of Capitalism.

There are plenty of small market baseball fans, who also happen to be communists, who believe that the difference in the Houston Astros ($25m Payroll) and the New York Yankees (25m per back up catcher) is the fault of capitalisms cruelty. It is not. Baseball’s woes are the fault of their collective owners and league […]

Creating Raving Fans

The best marketing is simply the unbridled enthusiasm of past clients. We call them raving fans.

5 Steps to Better Results When Answering Sales Calls

Had a great conversation with a fellow entrepreneur today. Brand new to a certain aspect of a similar industry, she expressed her frustration with a blown sales call. There’s nothing worse than doing everything right to make that phone ring only for something to go wrong on the line. You can feel it instantly. You’ve […]