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Selling to High School Seniors part 2

Once the slideshow has ended, the senior & parents are emotionally prepared to make purchasing decisions. The key element to remember about selling via projection, which we’ve been teaching for the past 20 years, is that the clients are set to make a purchase at the HEIGHT of their emotional attachment to these images. While […]

Selling High School Senior Portraits

Going from proofs to projection has to be hard, if it wasn’t, proofs would be as common as darkrooms. But switching over can be more profitable, time saving, and theft preventing than you could ever imagine. I do a senior sale in a 1 hour time slot. My average Senior Sale is High. The time […]

Photographer’s 7 Deadly Sins

1. Pride. In this series of articles I am going to make some connections that are in no way a slight on God, Virtuous Living, or the Study of Sin. I just happened find an unbelievable link between God’s teaching for living a happy and moral life and our having successful businesses. Each Article will […]