The Value of Time

The days of wasting people’s time are over. We can no longer expect to get to ‘yes’ via the same practices we’ve grown accustom. The days of taking a prospect out to lunch or 18 holes of golf are numbered. The major benefit to the prospect of going out to fancy lunch or taking the […]

What This Senior Photographer Learned By Selling My Own Work

Do you have what it takes to sell your photography? Many photographers choose not to handle the selling of their work. Many leave it to professional sales people or a spouse. I’ll be honest, selling your own stuff is tough. I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 13 years and even today I get […]

Raising Your Prices

About Raising your prices…..Do it. I know we are in a recession and by no means am I suggesting a blanket addition of 10% to all of your current pricing, but general laws of sales…if you want more money, raise your prices.  Raising your prices is optional and it makes you a better company….if done […]


EMAIL SALES (RESPONDING TO INQUIRES) We live in a world governed by nonverbal, faceless communication and the sooner we wrap our brains around how to properly excel in this world, the sooner we are going to succeed. As a professional Portrait Photographer, and the owner of a Wedding Entertainment business,I find the Wedding Entertainment company […]

Feature to Benefit Ratio

The Difference between Feature and Benefit can make the difference between a walk-in and a walk-by. I do not run a storefront operation that has random client interaction, yet the concepts for garnering walk-ins apply to my marketing strategy.  Ever walk by a storefront with a big window, perfectly clear, hosting a gorgeous array of […]

Selling to High School Seniors part 2

Once the slideshow has ended, the senior & parents are emotionally prepared to make purchasing decisions. The key element to remember about selling via projection, which we’ve been teaching for the past 20 years, is that the clients are set to make a purchase at the HEIGHT of their emotional attachment to these images. While […]

Selling High School Senior Portraits

Going from proofs to projection has to be hard, if it wasn’t, proofs would be as common as darkrooms. But switching over can be more profitable, time saving, and theft preventing than you could ever imagine. I do a senior sale in a 1 hour time slot. My average Senior Sale is High. The time […]