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Defining a Clear Mission for your Company or Personal Brand

The most important element to any business is a palpable desire in the marketplace for its services. Beyond this, there are many things that should be considered prior to either starting a new business or making a major change within an existing endeavor. Planning is the wing man for success. Planning is the game. Talent […]

Baseball’s Disparity is NOT the Fault of Capitalism.

Baseball’s Disparity is NOT the Fault of Capitalism.

There are plenty of small market baseball fans, who also happen to be communists, who believe that the difference in the Houston Astros ($25m Payroll) and the New York Yankees (25m per back up catcher) is the fault of capitalisms cruelty. It is not. Baseball’s woes are the fault of their collective owners and league […]

Making New Years Resolutions Work in 2012

Goals are the map that lead us where we want to go. Writing down and reviewing your goals are the difference between dreaming and planning. The problem with our ever changing world is that our goals get away from us as we get distracted. Make 2012 the year you actually get something done! Here are […]