General P.R.

Two Quick Thoughts on Maintaining your Facebook Business Page and Purchasing Likes

Facebook pages can be wonderful sources of interaction between you, your business, and the market you are trying to reach. However, this wonderful and free medium for delivering your brand to the marketplace must be maintained and appreciated for it to be a successful arm of your marketing body. I’ve created and maintained a few […]

The Value of Time

The days of wasting people’s time are over. We can no longer expect to get to ‘yes’ via the same practices we’ve grown accustom. The days of taking a prospect out to lunch or 18 holes of golf are numbered. The major benefit to the prospect of going out to fancy lunch or taking the […]

Social Media Photography Demand

BE IN SOCIAL-MEDIA DEMAND I specialize in High School senior photography, so my marketing advice will often lead to examples of success we’ve had in this aspect of our industry, but many of the concepts are universal. Social Media is certainly a High School Senior and Children Photography game. High School seniors are addicted to […]

Raising Your Prices

About Raising your prices…..Do it. I know we are in a recession and by no means am I suggesting a blanket addition of 10% to all of your current pricing, but general laws of sales…if you want more money, raise your prices.  Raising your prices is optional and it makes you a better company….if done […]

This Abercrombie ‘Situation’

This is Abercrombie & Fitch ‘Situation’is absolutely absurd and it’s a lot bigger than the suits at Abercrombie even realize just yet. What in the world could have lead Abercrombie and Fitch Co. to tell the most popular stars of the most popular television show among their most popular age demographic that they want them […]

Innovate Your Brand (Professional Photographers)

No news flash necessary, we are in a tough economy. No tougher economy exists than that of the service based industries. Luxury service-based industries have it hardest. Adding to this, for photographers, is that our industry is considered by many to be ‘enviable.’ We work in a ‘glamorous’ profession, one many dream to attempt in […]

Free Wi-Fi Has Limits (An End to an Experiment) I am a firm believer that taking care of customers, giving them stuff for free in order to earn their loyalty, support, and patronage, and Thus we have  the concept behind the free wi-fi and power outlets at Starbucks. Unfortunately, as a society, we can’t get our act together and we’ve ruined yet another […]