Facebook for Photogs

Two Quick Thoughts on Maintaining your Facebook Business Page and Purchasing Likes

Facebook pages can be wonderful sources of interaction between you, your business, and the market you are trying to reach. However, this wonderful and free medium for delivering your brand to the marketplace must be maintained and appreciated for it to be a successful arm of your marketing body. I’ve created and maintained a few […]

Social Media Photography Demand

BE IN SOCIAL-MEDIA DEMAND I specialize in High School senior photography, so my marketing advice will often lead to examples of success we’ve had in this aspect of our industry, but many of the concepts are universal. Social Media is certainly a High School Senior and Children Photography game. High School seniors are addicted to […]

Raising Your Prices

About Raising your prices…..Do it. I know we are in a recession and by no means am I suggesting a blanket addition of 10% to all of your current pricing, but general laws of sales…if you want more money, raise your prices.  Raising your prices is optional and it makes you a better company….if done […]

WPPI Article

Check out this ARTICLE on WPPI website. Update your facebook page today!  

Better Blog Posts

A great blog post is about connecting, educating, and entertaining your reader. A great rule to approaching the writing of your blog posts is to view it as a seduction of a man and a woman. Here are the general rules regarding this: Don’t Ramble We’ve all been on the date where the conversation is […]

Social Media Webinar

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER GS3KWJNW5CG2 MONDAY APRIL 25, 2011 1pm Eastern.  Join us as we dive into the complex world of social media marketing. In this program, we are going to cover Facebook, Twitter, and the Best Practices for Blogging. I will also sit down with search engine strategist William Denham  to go over the basics […]

Social Media Mix for Photographers

There is so much hype right now to mix our services into a social world. The assumption is that photography would be a killer profession in the social media world. Everything is digital, images are essential, and as artists our creativity is paramount to others’ social image. My friends I would argue that the boom […]