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About Kevin

Kevin Redford

Kevin Redford

Kevin Redford is an established artistic professional spending the past 22 years in the world of professional photography and entertainment. His company, Redford Photography, located in Pittsburgh,Pa, is a national leader in the professional photography industry. In addition, Kevin owns and operates Redford Entertainment, a trusted name in wedding and corporate entertainment in Pittsburgh. Kevin is available for commercial voice-over work as well. In 2014 Kevin collaborated with fellow small business owners to create a marketing consulting firm, Flash Creative Solutions, to increase social media awareness and creative content for small businesses.
As an entertainer, Kevin has appeared and performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has also been a guest commentator on CNN.
Kevin is a speaker/writer on the subjects of small business, social media, marketing, and professional photography. He posts infrequently to his professional blog, http://www.KevinRedford.com.
In 2012 Kevin became a founding member and partner at Splash Capital, a consulting firm for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs.

Kevin is available to speak throughout the year. For bookings, email kev@redford.co

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