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What if we all rooted for one another in 2019?

Can we make 2019 the year we root for one another? 

   We’ve been through so much disagreement, so much anxiety and distrust. Sometimes it feels like we are on the brink of a civil war, then Netflix launches a movie about not trusting anyone and ‘refusing to look at the world around us’ and suddenly we all get along again. 

Can we make 2019 the year we all not only try to get over our disagreements, but maybe we make it the year we all support and cheer each other on? 

  I recently had a talk with a business associate. A friend, really. When I ran into him he was looking up vacation homes. Expensive ones. I thought it was amazing. He later texted me and said he wasn’t really looking into that. I was disappointed. I immediately responded ‘Why not?!  I want you to! Nothing better than everyone doing well!’

   Why are we so afraid of success and hard work paying off? He wasn’t bragging on social media.  He wasn’t sending me a message to make me jealous. He was enjoying the fruits of his hard work. I was truly happy for him. 

   I’ve had the opportunity to consult a few friends on businesses they started in 2018. I never knew how much fun it could be to see my friends’ dreams become realities. Knowing that their families are better off, they are happier, that’s the best. I never thought ‘I hope they fail!’  I deeply feel the opposite. I was raised to believe when others do better we all do!  There’s no time for jealousy, nothing could be a bigger waste of time. 

   We spend so much time working. We spend the best years of our life throwing our best hours at projects and careers. We all do. What’s the harm in being happy for each other as we reap the rewards of jobs well done? 

   Can we make 2019 the year we all congratulate one another and feel genuine happiness for their happiness? 

Unscientifically speaking, I bet it does wonders on a personal level. I’m not a motivational speaker, but I know there are studies that probably show that those who are happy for others and generally inspired by their success, likely see personal improvement in their own lives. 

Conversely I’m sure those who sit around complaining about others and saying things that sound more like jealousy, are likely also not improving their standing at the same time. 

     I think some believe happiness is zero sum game. That happiness and success is finite and if my Facebook friend is doing well then it is potentially taking away from me. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Happiness should breed happiness. 

Look at what happens to a city when a group of millionaires win a championship for the city. Very few of us personally gain from that championship beyond the pride we feel.  We proudly root them to achieve their highest success. 

    After the penguins raise the Stanley Cup or the Steelers win a Super Bowl, how many of us sarcastically think ‘look at those show offs. Must be nice to be rich, in great shape, and extremely successful!’?  None of us. We all get up the next day and grin from ear to ear, so proud of the guys we root for. 

  Can we make 2019 the year we see the happiness and success of our friends and family with pride and genuine joy? Try it!  You’ll really like the result. 

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