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What I look forward to in 2016

This is the first year I have taken off the full week between Christmas and New Years Day. I wanted to spend time with family, I needed to in fact, so I was happy when the company unanimously decided the break was in order. No guilt for not being there, It kinda goes with the small business mentality. But I have been given a little time to think about what I would like to see in the coming year. Here we go:

I would like to see some optimism. I would love to know that the people around me are not expecting impending doom or catastrophe at every corner. In America we still live in the greatest country with freedom to be ourselves and the opportunity to pursue our own desires. With that freedom comes responsibility. We can not blame anyone but ourselves when we don’t live the life we want. Which leads to:

I would like to see fewer victims. In the literal sense, obviously, crimes against one another need to end, but I am tired of the crimeless victims. This too is a choice. It’s time to accept that we have the choice to blame others for our problems and what’s bothering us or to not. Perhaps, and It’s not fun, we need to look within. I tell my kids all the time that the power to offend or be offended lies within them. They can choose be beaten down by others or they can rise above it. Especially if it is only words. Words have power, but only if they give those words the power. Whether saying something or being called something, without giving power to the words, they can choose to have the power.

I would like to see some people take some chances in life this year. I love speaking with entrepreneurs and hard workers. I know too many who have been putting off big things for a while, waiting for the economy to change. Well, in 2016 we have the power to be the change we want to see. Take a chance, follow a passion, and make a difference.

I would like to see everyone put their kids and families first whenever they can. I know first hand how hard it is to live and work in 2015/2016 and to be the best parent I can be. I want my kids to know that I love them with every beat of my heart but also  know that when I am not there, I’m doing something that, in the end, will make them better off.  I want to see some friends take some vacations. Especially vacations with your families. Family is so much fun when there is no life to get in the way. Take your family to disney world or on a disney cruise. Fly them to a place none of you have ever been and discover it together. Life is so short and so futile, but knowing that you carved a few weeks out of every year to be there with your kids somewhere other than home, it’ll change you forever.

I would like Free Speech to make a comeback. I love talking about things I am personally passionate about, sports is easy. I can talk sports with anyone. But I’m not allowed to discuss politics. Truly a shame in an election year. How can we ever learn from one another when we can’t even get through a conversation without being attacked for thinking one way or another. If I agree with Marco Rubio or Hilary Clinton, does that make me the most extreme of what their parties represent? Probably not. But despite my own distaste for the current political system, it is what we have. If Democrats pick Bernie Sanders, it does not mean that every person who ever voted or plans to vote the party line is a devout socialist and If Republicans pick Donald Trump, it does not mean that every person who ever voted the party line agree with every comment he makes. Its the system. We don’t get 16 choices, we get 2. Change it or get over it, but don’t blame each other. And don’t let a person’s political choice define them. I have more friends I disagree with politically than I agree with. I think it’s more fun. But I don’t get offended, so they like telling me off. It’s fun.

I am ready for a Pirates World Series. I could stand to see another Penguins Stanley Cup. And if Steelers fans want a 7th ring, I suppose that would be fun too.

Happy 2016!

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