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Stop Fining Pro Athletes

Dear Pro-Athlete Agents of Discipline,


Roger Goodell

If you would like to curtail particular pro-athlete behavior you may want to give up the fine. It is pointless. In fact, at best it is directed toward appeasing fans and not preventing future actions. The $25k fine sounds painful to a fanbase who have an average annual salary of only twice that much, But when you see that $25k fine to a player who made $1.25m this year is a 2% hit it’s more like hitting an average joe with a $1000 fine.

Brendan Shanahan

I do not begrudge anyone making any amount of money he or she can for any service he or she can provide, but let’s face it….Athletes are some of the highest paid people in the country. Imposing a financial fine on them is not the same as imposing such a fine on a regular citizen.

Say you hit a regular person with $1,000 fine then you know that you are  affecting his savings, her ability to pay bills, and a family’s ability to eat.  But with an athlete, It may sting, but the player moves on.

PennsylvaniaHandicapParkingSignpa1218ra5Ever been in a hurry and parked at a ‘no parking’ sign that gives a minimum and maximum fine? There has been times that you know You have weighed the option. Some of these fine-able actions, such as wearing unauthorized logos, can be not only justifiable, but add a little extra attention to that player.

Marshawn Lynch Beastmode Logo Hat

Say I am a player making $1m this year and my buddy comes up with a logo he’d like me to wear. Since he’s my friend I could likely only charge the potential fine to get his logo some good solid press in the 24 hour sports media.     It’s worth the fine.  I’d suggest not letting athletes with more money than financial acumen have the choice.

Rather than financial fines,  I suggest Community Service as a more affective punishment. No more public decrees regarding punishment either. Handle all minor disciplinary incidents in house.

Take away off-field free time and get rid of the Bad for the League/Good for Personal PR headlines and you’ll see reactions. Consider, additionally, what good can come from athletes showing pro-community behavior.

Community service over fines. #NFL #NHL #MLB #NBA

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