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Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show, and What it Means for the Next Generation

I was born in 1982. I am a child of the 1980s and early 1990s. I am from the only generation to know what it’s like to organize meeting up with friends both before cellphones and after. I grew up on dial-up internet and AOL Instant Messenger, I then enjoyed the transition to High-Speed internet and twitter. As a kid I watch Full House, Saved by the Bell, and Reading Rainbow.

Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris

Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris

I endlessly watched Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and The Neverending Story.    Point is: Jimmy Fallon, and his humor, appeals to me.  Very few, if any, of his references are lost on me. The jokes, the impressions, the skits, the innuendos are all geared at my age group. This Jimmy Fallon, and the writing staff for whom I have a great deal of respect, is now taking over The Tonight Show. The premiere television position. The man who sits at that desk and hosts that program must represent the dominant generation of the culture. By turning things over from the silver haired Jay Leno* to the fresh, wrinkle free face of Jimmy Fallon is a sign that our generation is taking it’s place at the top.

Jimmy Fallon and Full House Guys

Jimmy Fallon and Full House Guys

When Conan got the job it wasn’t great timing and he wasn’t the right guy. He is stuck between generations, Jimmy is right where he needs to be. I very much look forward to where he will take the iconic Tonight Show. I can tell you that I hope references and reunions of shows that appealed to my generation such as Full House, Saved by the Bell, and California Dreams will still be prevalent.  

Additionally, I think Jimmy Fallon is terribly likable. One thing that I noticed 5 years ago when the show began was his own appreciation and admiration of celebrities that came on his show. When celebrities sit at Jimmy’s desk they must feel something different than they do anywhere else on national tv. The_Tonight_Show_Starring_Jimmy_Fallon_LogoJimmy seems star-struck and legitimately impressed more than any other host; it is  relatable as an audience member. It’s not as fun to watch a host try to appear equal to Paul McCartney as it is to watch Jimmy smile from ear to ear, staring into the camera basically asking the audience ‘can you believe who is sitting here?’ with his expression. It makes for great TV. I hope he keeps that charm.

On a marketing level, it’s hard to ignore what Fallon’s team has done with social media. With almost perfectly maintained Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, our generation is properly inundated with Fallon updates. Weekly asking his audience to participate via Twitter,  leading to worldwide trending topics, shows (or solidifies) his hold on his targeted audience. His sketches and celebrity participation bits are perfectly timed to be easily digested by the diminutive attention span of the demographic who brought us Vine (show it in 7 seconds or less). As a connoisseur of Social Media myself, I consider his staff to be second to none at delivering their goods to the right places at the right time.

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon

I also noticed early on through personal experience the way Jimmy included audience into the program. To know that anytime you attend a show you could be on T.V., not just waving but actively involved,  in front of millions of people makes for a great trip to NYC.

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon  Catchphrase

Kevin Redford on Jimmy Fallon Catchphrase

More than anything, realizing that our generation has made it, with one of us as the host of the legendary Tonight Show, is quite unique and scary sensation.

*I love Jay Leno. He has a feel-good quality to his humor. It’s nice to tune in at 11:30pm and see some current events humor, some celebrities promoting a new project, and a man-on-the-street comedy sketch or two. He is good people. I personally wish him well as he goes.

KEVIN REDFORD is a 20 professional in the Pittsburgh Wedding Industry. Splitting time as a photographer and a DJ, Kevin has worked some of the finest weddings in Pittsburgh over the past two decades. His personal knowledge and experience provide incredible events for Pittsburgh brides every year. Kevin can be reached via his website http://www.RedfordDJs.com, twitter @djredford, instagram @kevredford, and facebook.com/redforddjs

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