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Two Quick Thoughts on Maintaining your Facebook Business Page and Purchasing Likes

Facebook pages can be wonderful sources of interaction between you, your business, and the market you are trying to reach. However, this wonderful and free medium for delivering your brand to the marketplace must be maintained and appreciated for it to be a successful arm of your marketing body.

I’ve created and maintained a few facebook pages for my various companies over the years. One was easy to launch, expand, and utilize….the other, is not so much. I’ve learned a great deal from these two pages:

1. Content First

Establishing a concentrated and deliberate message within your facebook page can take a haphazard collection of random thoughts and turn it into a marketing machine reaping daily or weekly rewards.

My more successful page, facebook.com/redfordseniors, is a place to share our high school senior portraits, offers, and expertise. The marketplace is vast, yet concentrated on a particular age range and location. The content is directed at our local clientele, fans of high quality senior portraits, and our brand in general. We aren’t mixing message or playing games, we are showing off our work, allowing for comments and information exchange, and doing so for a specific audience. This page grows very well. It is not going to be a 50k like page for a while. There aren’t THAT many potential clients in this area. We’ve grown by a few hundred likes every year and they are 100% organic. (not paid for)

We grow by constantly updating the page, adding new work, and relevant content.

2. Paying for LIkes is Cheating (But Can Be Necessary)

I don’t like the idea of paying for likes, but I get it. I know why it is done, yet I still refuse to do it. I will not buy likes, and it may be to my detriment, but for the sake of the cause I will sacrifice myself.  Once the idea was introduced, I thought about it. It would be so much prettier to have a collection of 1,100 likes compared to my 60 on my wedding entertainment business page facebook.com/redforddjs . However, the 60 are made up of personal relationships and many past, happy clients. I LOVE that my likes are real, as I can name every one of them and even refer a new client to any of them to brag about my services. Of the clients who contact me, this has not affected their search and inquire. I CAN’T say that it hasn’t swayed a few away from the DJ with only 60 likes to a company with 10,000 likes. But my brand is not a flashy, in your face DJ service. I specialize in personalized service, as a small business, not a mega-dj-complex. I’ll keep the slow build going.

Whether you choose to allow for the likes to slowly grow on your page or choose to pay a foreign country to demand every citizen ‘like’ your page, it’s up to you. Be mindful that with every ‘like’ purchased you are diminishing the concept, your brand, and your integrity. But, it’s your call.

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