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Making New Years Resolutions Work in 2012

Goals are the map that lead us where we want to go. Writing down and reviewing your goals are the difference between dreaming and planning.

The problem with our ever changing world is that our goals get away from us as we get distracted.

Make 2012 the year you actually get something done!

Here are 5 simple goal enhancers to keep your goals in your mind until you’ve taken steps to achieve them

1. Set your computer password to your goal use distractions to your advantage. If your regular work and social life get in the way of achieving your hearts true desires, then stay efficient at work, but have a constant reminder of your goals. Having to write ‘IwantToBeAnAuthor5x a day will be to your goal’s advantage.

Goal Setting Practices

Goal Setting Practices

2. Take a Picture of your goal and make it your home screen

it’s a subtle reminder everyday of what you’re working toward.


3. Label your iphone alarm clock with a goal reminder a less subtle reminder of what is important to you. You’ll start your day with that reminder everyday. The morning is by far the best time to be reminded of your goals, as compared to the night time. At night we get excited, but tired and the quality of our effort are distorted. We think we’re making major progress because we’re burning the midnight oil, while we’re actually just missing out on sleep with mediocre work.

Goal Setting Practices

Goal Setting Practices

4. Set a reminder to harass you everyday and promise not to stop it until youve completed your goal making long term decisions in the heat of your goal desire (such as midnight on new years eve) can be effective if there is a consistent reminder. I’d suggest rather than just writing down your goal in your phone notes app, set it in your calendar and make it a daily reminder alert. Don’t stop it until you’ve completed your goal!

5. Write every goal you have, in specific terms, every night and review every morning. Consistently reviewing your goals is essential to their completion.All the above ideas are fun and will likely have an impact, but the simple act of daily attention to what it is that you really want will do more for you in the short and long terms than you can possibly imagine. Your brain’s power to move you in the right direction will blow you away and you’ll quickly become addicted to your own success and achievement.

I wish you all the best and have a very productive 2012!

All thoughts, Kevin Redford

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