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The Value of Time

The days of wasting people’s time are over. We can no longer expect to get to ‘yes’ via the same practices we’ve grown accustom. The days of taking a prospect out to lunch or 18 holes of golf are numbered. The major benefit to the prospect of going out to fancy lunch or taking the afternoon to play golf was the luxury of the gift.  Today, where even 15 seconds can feel like an eternity, I’ve found my prospects are more receptive to the gift of time. Being able to present your case, leading with benefits over features, in a short and easy to digest method can be the most effective sales technique.

The need for the products and/or services we provide has not changed. Whether we offer a window cleaning service or business changing widgets, the need has grown and so has our list of things to do. The recession can be somewhat to blame as more and more of our buyers have had to take on additional duties as a part of company restructuring or the lay offs. The same things need done but with fewer hands. Our prospects of gone into survival mode and the one commodity most effected by the fewer hands are the fewer hours.

Four things you can do:

Lead with Your Ability to Cut Time– I always start a call with ‘this will take literally 2 minutes of your time, unless you’re really interested. Then it may take 5 minutes.’ I do mean it however, so don’t just apply this to your regular call/visits. If needed, trim your time so that key elements are hit and interest is gained.

Note the Time You Will Save In the Future– The gift of time does not stop with the initial sales call, be of service to the point that you are taking on all the time-wasting responsibility of your prospect. Sell time and they’ll always buy.

DO NOT CUT CORNERS – Many think that a killer way to cut a sales call time down is to suggest they do some additional research online. While a solid online presence is required, do not ask your prospect to do more work in the guise of saving them time. All you do then is add much needed time. Be thorough, effective, and efficient with your call/visits.

Don’t Be a Long-Winded Person– How many of us have that person or two in our lives we dread having to call back because while they’re likable and maybe even do wonderful things for us, but my goodness can they drag a conversation on…?  You avoid calling them back, so too do their sales leads. Don’t be that guy or girl. Be the person they know they can squeeze a quick buying call in in just a few minutes.


GIve the gift of time and your sales calls with be more beneficial to you, and your client, and will they likely lead to a faster ‘yes.’

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