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How Celebrities SHOULD Use Twitter

There was a time when you would send Davy Jones your fan mail and eventually Mr. Jones would get back to you. There was, I’m sure, no greater feeling than a personal contact with a hero or idol. Being a celebrity must be difficult. Keeping ones brand in the spotlight increases one’s value, yet safety and discomfort must be top concern. Time, as well, probably affects how celebrities manage their correspondence. I would guess a movie star such as Carey Grant likely received 90% fewer communication attempts than regular b and c list celebrities of today.

Information is easier to access and so are the means to contact today’s stars. Consider that in 1950’s getting even a stars management address was an exhausting and time consuming endeavor. Today you can google that instantly. SO today’s stars must be getting hit up by fans hourly. This being said a wonderful invention has burst onto the scene for everyone to stay in touch with celebrities. Twitter makes communication and correspondence with our favorite celebs easy and up to the minute. Unfortunately many celebrities don’t respect the power for what it CAN be.

Consider this communication I’ve had with a star via twitter and how it can teach us about communicating with our customers.

My first attempt at contacting a star was Candace Cameron (one of the stars of Full House and a current Star of Make it or Break it.)                                         A friend recommended I follow her. I followed anyone in the beginning (So she was one out of 400 follows). One day she mentioned something I was interested in. I publicly addressed her on the topic. Within minutes she responded to me publicly. In fact we had a brief, but in depth, conversation. Thanks to this dialogue, with a person I’ve watched on TV for many years but had lost track of, I spent a few minutes telling friends (who would care) and reading up on what she had been doing and where she is now. Found out about her new show, bought my wife her book a few months later, and she gained followers just from me telling all my friends that DJ Tanner talked to me via twitter.

Lesson: Interaction when addressed can only be beneficial if your response is not ‘commercial’ or ‘fake.’ I retweet Candance tweets  (even ads)
because she is seen as a friend and NOT just a celebrity who thinks “we only want to watch her monologue.” Don’t ignore public messages. If you receive a bunch make sure you respond as much as you can. You can really grow a fan base and add followers if you are seen as ‘interactive and sincere.’

Since that time I’ve had a few similar interactions. Here are the results from a few easy public replies from these stars:

Brad Paisley  will always get an album purchase from me,

I’ll always retweet Mark Schlereth‘s tweets,

and Mark-Paul Gossealaar‘s new show on TNT ‘Franklin and Bash‘ has numerous new viewers because MPG responded to a statement I made about him via twitter.  I support those who understand how twitter should be used for self-promotion with something in it for me (the consumer).

Fame by association may be the result, but no matter how you break it down, being retweeted or publicly addressed via twitter by a celeb is always fun.

Share this with your celebrity friends!

GO Beyond Twitter now and apply these thoughts to your your personal brand. Are you ignoring your clients? Are you not taking advantage of opportunity to better your customer interaction. On twitter, people who ask to be heard but never interact lose followers.

Be an interactive voice with your clients. Hear their praise and concerns, react, and do it publicly for the world to see you.

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