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Kodak PlaySport…Coolest New Toy



I had an absolute blast on vacation. Spending 7 straight days swimming, playing in the sand, and non-stop eating can be a little bit of heaven on earth. Day two of the vacation I opened up my Kodak PlaySport underwater camera.

In the Pool

In the Pool

(I am not a spokesman for KODAK) The PlaySport is the coolest toy I’ve played with in a while. I couldn’t stop playing with it. The camera works underwater, no flash, but video and crystal clear, high quality images. Then I discovered the video option. The world opened up. There is something so cool about being able to photograph a world we have yet to discover. (This is SeaQuest all over again). It was absolutely addicting. The quality blew me away. While the pictures are incredible, the video is what blew me away. HD. I think it’s available on the market now (as a professional photographer who has used KODAK products for many years, we were given the camera as a gift..but didn’t open it for a while) I think it’s roughly $160 but I have an 8 gig card, so that made it really nice.



One of the really cool aspects is that you can take great pictures of family/friends outside the water in a scene you can’t typically capture with a camera that cannot get wet. The water provides killer underneath lighting that really makes the eyes glow.

I didn’t leave the condo one time without the camera. It was great!

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