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Feature to Benefit Ratio

The Difference between Feature and Benefit can make the difference between a walk-in and a walk-by. I do not run a storefront operation that has random client interaction, yet the concepts for garnering walk-ins apply to my marketing strategy.  Ever walk by a storefront with a big window, perfectly clear, hosting a gorgeous array of jewelry or shoes or pastries?  Of course you have, the concept is as old as business itself. Show off a beautiful selection of your product where your potential clients can see them and entice them to come in and spend.

How often have you seen something you really want, stared for a moment, then walked on? Probably way too many times for that business owner. The key concept is that a gorgeous storefront window, or a gorgeous marketing piece, or a beautiful display captures your attention, yet many fail to take you to the next step. That next step is what business success demands.

A great marketing strategy is built around imagery, self promotion(branding), and call to action. Today’s companies, with social media and easy to produce marketing efforts, forget the final and most crucial third pillar of this strategy.

Facebook ads, blog posts, mailers, business cards, website, news releases, etc. are so focused on making sure the client knows all about our wonderful features such as our photography, reputation, newest products, graphic design capabilities, even our personality, yet we spend little to no time talking about why THEY should utilize us for their needs, wants, desires.

We assure them that we are the best at what we do, yet we don’t take any steps to convince them that they NEED what we do.

Take a look at the last marketing efforts you put together. Is your Marketing focused on all your accolades or is it designed to show a client what you can do for them? Does the piece talk about services AND give them a reason to call today to receive that service?

There is no reason a great marketing piece can’t have an even, or at the very least, proportional amount of both features and benefits.

Review your latest stuff, is there a feature to benefit ratio is it all about you?


Kevin Redford has been the Director of Communications and a Photographer for Redford Photography in Pittsburgh, Pa for the past 12 years.He can be reached via email: kev@redfordphotography.com

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