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Better Blog Posts

A great blog post is about connecting, educating, and entertaining your reader. A great rule to approaching the writing of your blog posts is to view it as a seduction of a man and a woman. Here are the general rules regarding this:

Don’t Ramble

We’ve all been on the date where the conversation is forced, dry, and excruciatingly painful. The more to the point your post is the more likely someone will read it and get something from it. Short and Sweet and you’ll get readers. I know I personally see an 8 or 9 paragraph post about what should be a short topic and I skip past it. I’m sure there are a few good nuggets of information in there, but please don’t bore us get to the chorus.

My Goodness, Have Some Confidence

There is nothing worse than reading a blog that begins with a list of the insecurities of the writer. Readers should view you as an expert on the subject or you are a waste of their time. If you are writing about business, don’t open with 2 paragraphs of why you aren’t really qualified to write this, you are or you wouldn’t have had the urge to write. Most of your readers have not been where you’ve been so share what you know and what you’ve learned. They appreciate the information. No one cares that you feel like writing is a struggle, you bemoaning it makes reading it a larger struggle and no one will follow. If you are writing about personal issues and documenting a time in your life, absolutely no one has been there so you are the only expert in that field.


Don’t Just Talk About You

Bring the post full circle as quickly as you can. Full circle meaning that you make the post a benefit to your reader. The sooner you make it about them the sooner they’ll apprecaite it. Back to the seduction premise: While we want to assure that we are at least in someway impressing and enticing our audience, providing a benefit to the them through entertainment or advice, the better. No inside jokes either. Imagine being on a date and the girl you’re with just starts laughing at something, can’t catch her breath, uncontrollable laughter, tears streaming down her face…5 minutes later you ask what she is laughing at…and she says ‘inside joke.’

Give Them Something to See

If your post is a page or two of words, you’ve lost 50% of your audience. Its not that much of a joke when someone says they only like picture books..its more true than you could possibly imagine. Give them either funny pics that relate to the post or stock imagery of you, your products, your band, your interests, etc.

Hope this helps.

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