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Selling to High School Seniors part 2

Once the slideshow has ended, the senior & parents are emotionally prepared to make purchasing decisions. The key element to remember about selling via projection, which we’ve been teaching for the past 20 years, is that the clients are set to make a purchase at the HEIGHT of their emotional attachment to these images.

While we’ve often tried the newest and greatest ways to sell to seniors, we’ve always come back to this style of selling for a few reasons:

1. It’s profitable. The more urgency to the sale, the higher the average will be. This is dangerous, however, because we don’t want to force the issue but we do want to attach a bit of ‘this should happen right now or they are gone forever’ feeling.

*point of note here, however, I am quite clear with seniors that images are never destroyed and that coming back at a later date to buy more is acceptable. I don’t push it, but don’t take that off the table ever. Reorders are always nice and sometimes folks really will have more money down the road than they do today.

2. When purchasing online, the timing is off from our system and it benefits no one. I often tell clients this, as my response to, ‘can’t you just put these up online for my whole family to see them?’:

Honestly, don’t you think I’d love to just upload these images, not think about you for a couple weeks, only to be reminded by a big ole check in my mail from you? I would love to do that, but the truth of the matter is, online does not work for our high quality, high impact work. Clients enjoy our system so much more than they do with online work and we can’t give up on our dedication to customer service simply because other photographers take the lazy approach (or something to that nature).

3. Projection is quick payment (all that day) but it’s also easier for the client. I occasionally remind clients that just as it is easier to choose a home with the help of a professional, or to choose a car because they know the product inside and out, the same is true for artwork of your senior/family/children. We are a full service studio in that we don’t bog clients down with all the work. It’s our job to walk with them from scheduling all the way through purchasing. Customer Service out the wazoo, if you will.

Immediately following the slideshow, we take the clients image by image in a ‘maybe or no’ style process. Each image gets a ‘maybe’ or a ‘no’ vote from the senior/mom. All yes’s, maybes, hmm’s, I don’t knows, etc. will stay. All no’s, once given their fair shot, are taken away from view.  I address it as this: ‘The next step is what we call ‘maybe or no.’ Maybe’s are anything that like, love, or are just not sure about…no’s are the ones you never care to see ever again.

Once we complete the maybe or no process, we ask about their portrait wants, needs, or desires regarding the images presented to them on the wall. Their answer is next…

If this helps, if you like this, please comment below or share this article with friends. If it doesn’t I won’t waste your time by continuing to step 3 of 6.


One comment on “Selling to High School Seniors part 2

  1. Good stuff Kevin! You make some great points. Lets here more.

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