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In a recession, try anything

Lemonade Stand

Manning the Lemonade Stand at Our Kids Garage Sale.

In a recession, the economy slows leading people to wonder about the future. The future is pretty vast so many hold back on spending. This lack of spending hurts businesses and we as entrepreneurs get frustrated. I once heard a local businessman speak on the subject of marketing in down economy. He said what was likely a revolutionary concept to many, but once you read it you’ll wonder why you ever thought differently.

‘My company reserves our marketing dollars for down economies. When things are good, we are doing well, no need to market crazily. Save your money, because when times are bad, that’s when you should triple your marketing.”

What a concept. As business owners our first response is to save money to survive a down economy, yet, the smartest move would be to push on and try new promotions geared toward building the business. Why?

Your competition is likely Scared to spend.  You need to rise above in a silent market place, you cannot disappear and attempt to weather the storm.

Storms can create better businesses. You market smarter, you think wiser, and you service better.

This is still America. Needs/Wants/Desires don’t stop with a recession, just the ability and necessity slow. Just need a little more convincing and with great marketing and a solid product, you can survive any economic storm.

Businesses should  not be a boat on rocky waters. Businesses should be like fish, undaunted by bad weather, just practice a different style of swimming.

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