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Selling High School Senior Portraits

Going from proofs to projection has to be hard, if it wasn’t, proofs would be as common as darkrooms. But switching over can be more profitable, time saving, and theft preventing than you could ever imagine. I do a senior sale in a 1 hour time slot. My average Senior Sale is High. The time I spend with clients is minimal but the return is fantastic. The key to successful senior projection appointments is speed and efficiency in the guise of relaxed decision. When I get ready for a projection appointment, I focus on being a relaxed and comfortable friend that the clients can not only lean on for creative advice but someone they can be honest with about wants and needs. In a sense I perform casual sales but I receive executive profit.

I am going to go into a good bit of detail explaining the steps I take to ensure that my sales don’t waste my time and also, bring in a fantastic amount of profit.   I enjoy the salesroom, and soon so will you!

Just a quick note on the system I am about to lay out for you… I no longer do sales. In fact, this should make you read on as we are living proof that any sales person with even a little bit of customer service sense can make the same average, if not more than I do, per client. Jeff is our sales guy now. He joined our team 3 years ago and after  just twice watching me do sales he had picked it up and continues the success.  It is the system that works and what I have to offer will help you to implement the system and profit from it.

My time in the sales room has given me great joy and many headaches, but after it’s all said and done, there are only 6 steps to making senior sales profitable without wasting time.

1. Showing the Images

How a High School Senior girl sees herself is a mystery even to her closest friends, so as photographers we are given a great responsibility in our charge to capture her image for all eternity within her senior portraits. As we know that the overall life of a teenager is an emotion roller coaster, it is safe to say that we should refrain from making their View and Choose appointment a similar cycle. How she sees her senior portraits, her first impression, is crucial to the sale. It is the job of the salesperson to aptly place images within the slideshow into an appealing and aesthetically pleasing manor.

Start by purchasing the PROSELECT system available at www.timeexposure.com   Type in “Redford” in the referral box.

Separate outfits into groups of outfits. Place the very best image from that group in the front of the group. End each group with the least appealing (a bad image can ruin any sale, so if you have doubt, take it out) and follow with the next outfit in a similar arrangement.

If your photographer, as mine does, shoots a happy and serious of each pose, always place happy first followed by the serious.   Most mothers want a smile, so when going through the elimination process a mother will likely drive a salesperson nuts wanting to assure herself that she sees a good smile before getting rid of or keeping the serious version, so show her the one she definitely will like first.

You’ve created a slideshow, now you’ll need music.  CHOOSE MUSIC THAT MOM WILL LIKE!  The senior isn’t paying. So choose music to make mom cry while she sees her little baby all grown up.

Dim the lights and start the show. Leave the room so that they can freely gush over their favorites. This also allows for them to comfortably discuss the ones they can eliminate more easily and it saves much time for the salesperson during the inevitable eliminations

Wait outside the salesroom until the music ends, and then enter and …..step 2 coming soon.

If this helps, if you like this, please comment below or share this article with friends. If it doesn’t I won’t waste your time.

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