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Social Media Webinar


MONDAY APRIL 25, 2011 1pm Eastern. 
Join us as we dive into the complex world of social media marketing. In this program, we are going to cover Facebook, Twitter, and the Best Practices for Blogging. I will also sit down with search engine strategist William Denham  to go over the basics and beyond of being found online, primarily through blogging & facebook.

Pittsburgh Senior Picture

Not only does a great online strategy boost your presence in the market place, but it builds your brand, connects you with your clients in a personal way and allows you to effectively sell your studio to a crowded market.

Newborn Pittsburgh PhotographyThe movement to this type of marketing is exciting, but one must know the ins and outs.

This program is geared to help fellow photographers with that movement.

We will be covering:
• The Best Blogging Sites
• Blogging Goals & Strategies
• Search Engine Optimization
• Utilizing Facebook, Twitter and the Blog
• Real Expectations Regarding Your Blog
• Plus, a Few Insider Tricks to Make Google Work For You

Please Email Your Biggest Questions Prior to the Program! No names will be mentioned, so feel free to ask anything regarding this incredibly deep, yet terribly important, topic. EmailKev@Redfordphotography.com for questions. We hope to make this the most profitable hour of portrait marketing you’ll attend. The best part about blogging, facebook, and twitter: It’s the best marketing money CAN’T buy. 

Senior Portrait Marketing

Facebook Explained

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